Aug 30, 2011

Man vs. Nature


Isn't it interesting how some people feel the need to exhibit bravado in the face of an impending natural disaster?  In a case of human race machismo, storekeepers and homeowners in seaside locations board up windows and then write on the boards:  ‘c’mon Irene’, ‘give it to me’, and ‘take a shot, big girl’ along with the requisite bulls eye image.   Like they're smack talking a person, instead of an unstable and violent weather system.  Which naturally raises the question:  why?

It could be a case of demonstrating that the human spirit will not be broken by nature’s wrath.  Laughing in the face of danger, and all that.  Or perhaps a perverse sense of humor, knowing that there’s a chance that the sign, and the building, will be 10 miles out in the Atlantic by the time the owner returns. 

However in our reality obsessed, socially connected culture, maybe it’s an attempt on the part of a few owners to get their :15 seconds of newsworthy coverage.  Perhaps a photo in Google images.  Or a slide on CNN’s website.  Even the Oscar of disaster:  feature on TWC’s broadcast storm coverage.

But why stop there?  If owners are going to board up, why not go the whole hog and get some sponsorship money in return for branded slogans. 

“We’re in good hands” - Allstate
“We’re going to DisneyWorld” - Disney
“Built for the road ahead” - Ford
“There’s an app for this” – Apple
“Like it never even happened” - ServPro

Or how about discounted or free building materials, overprinted with ‘plywood sponsored by (insert Home Depot, Lowes, Ace logo)’? 

Maybe put a QR code on the plywood, with a link to branded content, promotional sweepstakes.  Heck, the QR code could hyperlink to a YouTube site with the next Rebecca Black single.

Wait a minute … can’t do that.  It’s enough to have to cope with natural disasters. 

Never mind man-made.

PS:  Sorry for delay in posting this - Irene not only knocked out our power, but dropped a 40' tree on our house.  No injuries, just a mess to clear up.  "We beat Irene, YEAH" about to be painted on plywood.

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  1. Ouch!! Updated saying must be "Only Cranes can remove a tree", eh?
    Perhaps the machismo spirit behind plywood board "Hit me with your best shot" narratives is that impending disaster might be a sure cure for writer's block. I'm joining Storm Chasers to see if it'll work for me.